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Project Description
NET Bible Tagger for DNN(R) is a Skin Object to quote and link to the Bible from your existing Scripture references. Using JavaScript from, this Skin Object converts plain references to Bible passages into links with mouse-over pop-ups of the Bible passage.

Usage, License and Redistribution
This source code and download is made available under a BSD License. The intent of the license is to make its use and distribution free for all. In creating this Skin Object, my explicit and clear intent is that this work and all of its derivatives be made available at no charge.

The motivation behind this intent and the selection of the BSD license is because (a) I believe that the Bible should be made available to others to read free of charge (especially in the case of translations like the NET Bible which is also available for free use); (b) the BSD license does not grant rights to charge for this software; (c) the BSD license is short and easy to read, thereby making it friendly to the consumer; and (d) this work is simply a "wrapper" that incorporates a 3rd-party JavaScript library (from which provides the whole of the conversion.

The documentation on this CodePlex site and Wiki is available under the following license.

Creative Commons License
Documentation for NET Bible Tagger for DotNetNuke® by Dan Gilleland is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License based on a work at

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